Security belongs in the hands of the user.

End-Point Device

However, end-point devices are fundamentally insecure, at scale and over time.

Attack Surface Complexity

The core problem boils down to complexity. Attacks can come from a variety of sources, few of which are controlled by the user.

App Protection Limited

This complexity problem can't be fixed with an app. No anti-virus agent or machine learning algorithm can guarantee reliability.


Our mission is to arm our customers with tools that guarantee their privacy and strengthen their security. Tools they control.

Sidestep Complexity

Our approach is to sidestep the complexity problem. Work alongside the end-point device, without being exposed to it.

Anigma Cryptography Keyboard

Our initial product, currently under development, is the Anigma Cryptography Keyboard. It provides secure remote authentication and private messaging, even if the end-point device is compromised.

Proof-of-concept units were developed and delivered to our DoD customer in 2019. Although crude and limited, they validated the concept and user interest.

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